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Blastwall Inc.
4601 Bayard Street, Suite 602
Pittsburgh, PA  15213

Blastwall Ltd.
3 Brick Court
Toronto, ON  M4L 3X7

Peter Roston, President
Blastwall Ltd.
Telephone:   +1-416-409-7009

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Blastwall engineers both radar-invisible fiberglass and steel jet blast walls for the protection of buildings, navigation equipment, vehicle traffic and ground personnel for airports around the world.

Blastwall Ltd. is a globally leading company in the field of Blast Wall deflector technology. We engineer innovative solutions to challenges involving glass-reinforced plastics.

Blastwall Ltd. designs, manufactures, and installs the Invisible BlastWall fiberglass jet blast deflector fence for use at airports and aircraft maintenance facilities world-wide.

Blastwall Ltd. can provide complete bid packages for any application, including drawings, budgetary estimates and performance specifications at no charge.